Our commitment to our community

In addition to its artistic vocation, the COGE and its young members express their interest in social causes by giving engagement and implication inside our community. The COGE is involved since its creation in many charity associations to support their efforts and development.

Association l'Envol


9th on march 1999, an outstanding concert is given in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for the charity association l'ENVOL. This concert, a performance of the Requiem of Anton Dvorak, is placed under the Tchek Republic patronage.

First year of its creation, the COGE Vocal Ensemble chooses to support the Envol's cause. All the benefits from the 14th of April 2005 concert in St Severin church (a musical journey called "Europa cantat") have been donated to the ENVOL organisation.

ENVOL, a non-profitable organisation ("Loi de 1901") created in 1994, aims to give hope and joy to children suffering from severe sickness, and encourage them to fight. In a secure and stimulating environment, children are taking charge in lots of leisure activities. He can participate to anything he wants. Each activity is evaluated by a medical adviser and discretely but firmly followed by qualified personal.

Thanks to the innovating approach, children can see his illness a different way and have a different vision of the world surrounding him. With complicity with other children and adults from ENVOL, he discovers the joy of living, takes self confidence and keeps intact the will to get better.

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Association for Information and Research on Renal and Genetic illnesses (AIRG)


The COGE rendez vous with AIRG (Association for Information and Research on Renal and Genetic illnesses) is, since June 2004, annual. All the benefits from the 20th of June 2004 and 12th of June 2005 concerts in the Pitie Salpetriere church been donated to AIRG.

AIRG is a non-profitable organisation ("Loi de 1901") created in 1988 which gathers patients suffering from renal hereditary illnesses. Its goal is to ensure a wide diffusion of medical information, support patients in their burden and help research.

AIRG has an internet website (www.airg-france.org) and an internal paper that give informations on renal disease. Recent information booklets on diseases are presented in an internal paper accessible to patients in order to allow them to understand their disease and its consequences on their body, as well as genetic mechanics.

Furthermore, AIRG organises meetings and conferences, as the annual seminary dedicated to gather patients and doctors. At last, AIRG proposes each year an "Allocation de Recherches" to an intern, student or doctor aged 35 or less, to help research in renal genetic disease.

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Project "Choeur à coeur" to benefit to the non-profitable organisation "L'Arche des Enfants"


The benefits from the 24th of June 2004 in St Pierre de Montrouge church were entirely donated to the association "Arche des Enfants". The project, named "Choeur à Coeur", was born from the operational marketing DESS students' concern.

"Arche des Enfants", a non-profitable organisation ("Loi de 1901"), was created in 1998 by areligious nun sent in mission in Vietnam. Its concern is to fight children's poverty in this country. School being expensive and facultative, children have a scholar education only when their families can afford it. Parents beginning their work most of the time very early in the morning, children can't attend school and stay on their own the entire day.

In order to fight this concerning situation, "Arche des Enfants" today greets 150 M street children aged between 16 months and 6 years, in a centre created in Ho-Chi-Minh. From 7AM to 7PM, they are taken care of, fed and discover the joy of reading. Our donation permitted the centre to run during three months.

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